Driver CPC Approved Courses

Defensive and EcoSafe Driving Techniques - 7 PT Hours

Improving and Maintaining Working Relationships Training- 7 PT Hours (Details)

Legal Stuff for Vocational Drivers (50 Things You Should Know!) - 7 PT Hours (Details)

Drivers Hours and Tachos - 7 PT Hours - (Details)

Safer Drivers Course for Schools and Colleges - 7 PT Hours (Details)

Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (Road-Based) - 7 PT Hours (Details)

Equality and Diversity - 7 PT Hours (Details)  

Emergency First Aid & Fire Evacuation for Bus & Coach - 7 PT Hours (Details)

BTEC Intermediate Award in Delivering Professional London Bus Services - 14 PT Hours (Details)

Crash!!! - Avoidance and Reporting - 7 PT Hours (Details)

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Course rates include, registration, certification, and all course materials.
Individual and company specific discounted course rates are available.