Driving Psychology and Crash Behaviours

Since its inception, Tangerine has been developing training courses to support client transport operators tackle the difficult issue of crash reduction and driver behaviour.  This development has been informed by traffic research from around the world, focusing on psychological factors such as personality traits and states in the driving context, age, gender, and driving environment, together with training and teaching research which supports behavioural change.  Countries very experienced in this field are Australia, New Zealand, many of the Scandinavian countries and of course America and the UK, and their research spans 40 years or more.

Traffic Psychology in Driving Related Courses

All our Driver CPC and driving related course are heavily influenced by our knowledge of driver behaviour and crash research, and provide our candidates with an opportunity to understand both the causes of crashes from a cognitive view point and with tips and techniques to reduce and overcome those factors. 


Through game play, practical exercises and events, research reviews and other challenging aspects, we draw the candidates to self-reflection and discussion which embed learning for future change.

In an attempt to share this valuable source of learning, each month we will post up a 'Pocket-guide' to some aspect of traffic research that we include in our courses (without the jargon and 'pyscho-babble') which we hope you will find both interesting and informative.  Maybe you will also use it in your own driving behaviours!!!


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Driving Psychology and Crash Behaviours



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